Let The Masks Fall – Part 3

Miranda Berry named her first son Dylan. She watched him squeal with joy as he played on the jungle gym at the local park. This made Miranda happy. She had seen this sense of urgency in Dylan’s eyes back in Africa which made her decide to take him home with her. He was in desperate need to be rescued and Miranda knew what that felt like. She was determined to give him the best life ever. She knew she couldn’t risk having dead bodies in her house now that she had a child. As much as she loved having Blake and Linda home, she knew it was time to let them go.

As they walked back home from the park that day, Miranda saw the same homeless man she saw everyday at the corner of the street as he rummaged the garbage cans. She felt sorry for him. “Hey” she said. “Would you like to come over and join us for lunch?” she asked. The man was taken by surprise. “Are you sure, lady?” he asked, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. “Ofcourse!” she said.

The man’s name was John and Miranda soon developed a strong liking for him. He was in his late thirtys and had a fantastic sense of humor. His tall and wide frame coupled with his bloodshot eyes and shabby beard made him look threatening, when in reality, he was a great person.

Within the next three weeks John had moved into the house and Miranda, John and Dylan were happy in the little bubble of their own. This new friendship had taken over Miranda’s life completely,  she had stopped answering calls and showing up at shoots.

One night after dinner Miranda put the dishes away and looked John in the eye. He instantly knew something was wrong. Her otherwise gentle face seemed to have hardened and her beautiful eyes were not sparkling anymore. He sat up straighter, confused as to what had happened.

“John, it was great having you here and you are a lovely person. I can never thank you enough for the great sacrifice that you are about to make for me and Dylan. I will always appreciate what you are about to do for us”

She gave him no time to react and quickly picked the phone up, took Dylan by the hand and ran to the bathroom. She locked the door and punched Dyaln in the face leaving him bruised and visibly shaken. She twisted his hand and whispered to him “If anybody asks you who did this, you take John’s name, do you understand?” He tearfully nodded. She let go off his hand and kissed his forehead. “What a good boy you are!” She lovingly patted his head as she called 911.

“My life has been hell this past few months” she sobbed as she gave her statement to the police. “It started off with him showing up at my doorstep one day asking for an autograph. I obliged, ofcourse. He then started showing up everyday at all hours asking to see me. This one time, I told him to go away and he tried to attack me. When my housekeeper Linda tried to intervene,  he stabbed her. He hid the body in my freezer and threatened to kill me if i ever said anything.” Miranda’s voice choked up and she couldn’t continue talking. She took a few minutes to collect herself and then continued. ” That night, after the party , Blake came over for a round of drinks and John saw him come in. He was so jealous and mad he locked me up in my bedroom and tortured Blake all night. It was horrible. He finally let me go in the morning and  I left for Africa. By now I wanted to involve the police  but I was scared. John told me he would get my family back in Mexico killed and I just kept quiet. I guess I was hoping he would eventually go away, find another doll to play with, but it just got worse. He moved in and wouldn’t let me or Dylan leave the house. I decided to finally take action after he punched Dylan.”

Officer Ian Thorne didn’t believe the bullshit story he was sure this award winning actress was making up. Watching her sob all over the wooden desk didn’t soften officer Thorne  one bit and he knew that there was more to the two deaths than she was letting on.

John had been arrested for the two murders and questioned rigorously. He however maintained his stance of innocence and claimed that he was being framed by Miranda. He had no evidence to back up his statement, though. Everybody believed Miranda Berry.

“I am sure Berry is involved in the murders somehow” Thorne told his assistant, Barry. “Come on officer. Have you seen how scared Ms Berry is? There is no way she could have murdered somebody. Besides there are no holes in her story, John has no alibi and he has a history of drug abuse and a few petty crimes”

Officer Thorne was not convinced. “She didn’t get an oscar for nothing,  Barry. I am sure she is not as innocent as she makes herself to be. Knew it the minute I saw her accepting that award on television. She is capable of awful things, I can sense it and I  am going to get to the bottom of this. Hopefully the post mortem reports will give us a clue.”

Ian Thorne went to visit Miranda at her house that night. Her wide eyes were teary and she looked distraught. Officer Thorne doubted himself for a minute when he saw here standing at the door, looking so lost. She let him in and offered him a cup of tea.

“So, Ms Berry when was it that John first came to visit you?”.

Miranda spoke slowly, thinking her words through. “That would have been about two months back.”

“And when did he attack Linda Sammuels?”

“Around a month ago” She replied.

“And you are being blackmailed for two months now and you never confided in anybody, not a soul?”

“It was hard for me, Officer. His violent behaviour  scared me. I didn’t know what to do” She began to sob again.

As Officer Ian Thorne left Miranda’s residence, he was now more sure than ever that it was Miranda who had committed the murders. He was determined to get her arrested. He just had to build a solid case first. She had the entire nation fooled but she couldn’t fool him.

Miranda saw Officer Thorne get into his car and leave. She smiled. She had the perfect life now. A successful career, an adorable son and millions who adored her. All she wanted now, was a loving husband and she thought officer Thorne would be just right for the job.


17 thoughts on “Let The Masks Fall – Part 3”

  1. I really like your theme! I think the whole sociopathic actress killing people is really interesting! I feel like it moves really fast, though. It’s really good but everything happens so quickly. Again, I think your themes is amazing and I’m interested to see what happens next.


  2. Ok, so just a few quick things related to the blog and not your writing

    1. Do edit the front page so that the reader can see/read entire posts.
    2. Enable liking,sharing on each individual post for all pages.

    This just makes life easier, simpler navigation.

    As for the writing, with every post you are becoming more focussed on the story. There is intrigue, there is mystery, there is a perfect character with a terrible history and i liked how the last post ended ( part 3 ) – him hating her and she thinking of him as her future husband.

    If you don’t mind me drawing the comparison, I am just saying but your writing, at least for this story, right from the title to the characters and the events, has a very Sidney Sheldon kind of feel to it.


  3. Slow the pace down. It’s a good story line. The homeless man is a stretch, a no name assistant would have been easier to understand, but for framing another person it works. The time line to fit all of this comes across rushed. Great idea. Good story. Let the reader breath between action and you will have nailed it! Very nice first posting.

    Liked by 1 person

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