Let The Masks Fall – Part 2

Miranda Berry hated socializing. But this was a party she did not mind attending. She was at an all time high after her glorious victory at the Oscars and was looking forward to her next movie. Her tumultuous relationship with her brother had finally come to an end and this made Miranda smile. Scott Berry- the sensible sweet and charming young man everybody adored. He was the perfect brother and the perfect son. Miranda fantasized about killing him every time he was praised. She was proud of herself for finally doing it but she was upset and felt it happened too soon. She wanted to kill him slowly, to see him suffer the way she did in all those years when she lived in his shadow. But she was her own person now and lived the life she always dreamt of. She finished her Gin and Tonic in one gulp and moved to the dance floor.

The party was thrown in Miranda’s honor by her co actor Blake Thomas. He had been hitting on Miranda ever since he met her for the very first time at the producer’s office. He was tall and blond and had blue twinkly eyes and the kind of smile that would make any girl melt. Miranda detested him and was getting really tired of him coming on to her.

Blake took her hand and started to take her to the balcony a little away from the dance floor. Miranda went along all the time concentrating on her breathing, willing her self to not push him to his death.

He looked into her eyes and said ” You look beautiful tonight”.

She smiled sweetly at him and said ” so does your wife”.

He laughed ” who cares about that pregnant old thing anyway. You intrigue me. Ever since I met you I have wanted to know you better. There is something just so exciting that you are hiding behind that innocent face”

“You have no idea” She giggled. “Lets go over to my place? We must go through the back exit though. Don’t want your wife to know, do we?”

They left the party together without anyone noticing. She couldn’t wait to show Blake just how exciting she could be.


Blake woke up a few hours later tied to a chair and with a splitting headache. He looked around and realized he was in a room he didn’t recognize. He desperately tried to remember how he got there. That is when Miranda walked in looking adorably beautiful as usual, always smiling, always looking perfect. She sat on his lap and looked him in the eye. ” Oh Blake. I didn’t want to do this to you, i really didn’t but you are a cheater and I hate cheaters. So we are going to play a game that will teach you a lesson. Are you ready?” He didn’t answer he just looked at her, shocked.

She got up and started to pace around the room ” Lets begin, shall we? I have known you for a total of 372 days and you have tried to flirt with me almost every day. Now I am going to recall every time you have said something inappropriate for a married man and you will get one injury for every sentence. This is going to be so much fun!” She gagged him with a hand towel and sat down on the floor next to him. Rubbing a generous amount of salt on his forearm she said “Day one. You looked at me and said ‘My My you are someone I would have no trouble kissing on, or off screen’ this is what you get for it” with a smile, she placed a piece of ice on the salt and kept it there for several minutes hearing his muffled cries of pain.

5 hours later Miranda felt exhilarated while Blake sat bleeding on the carpet with several cuts, burns and bruises. Miranda’s phone rang and she picked it up feeling happy and calm, hoping it was another congratulatory call. It was her assistant Larry instead. ” Miranda, where are you? You were to reach the airport by now!” Miranda was confused but suddenly remembered. She was supposed to fly to Africa with the UN charter that day! She had forgotten all about it. ” I will be there in 20 minutes Larry”. She cut the phone and turned to Blake. ” Sorry sweety but our little game must end now”.  She removed the hand towel from his mouth and untied his hands and legs. She watched him struggle to get up for a minute. She  sliced his throat neatly and dragged his body to to the refigerator and placed it next to Linda’s. Looking at Linda’s body she said ” Look Linda I got you a little present! You always said you loved Blake Thomas didn’t you? ” She smiled, pleased with herself and quickly went to her room to pack her things. She was looking forward to going to Africa and helping the needy.


Two weeks later Miranda Berry had made headlines and she was on the front page of every newspaper and Magazine. A picture of her smiling with her wavy hair flying in the breeze as she looked at the camera softly was on every cover page. The caption alongside the picture read ” Oscar winning actress Miranda Berry adopts six year old African child”

As Miranda drove home from the airport  with her newfound son,  she stroked his hair and looked at him adoringly. They reached her home and were greeted by a bunch of reporters. Dodging the media they made it into the house. She hugged her son and whispered in his ear ” I am going to take such good care of you”


29 thoughts on “Let The Masks Fall – Part 2”

  1. Hey thestressedmess, that was a good read. Miranda Berry is an interesting character and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Hope to read the next part soon!


      1. She enjoys killing. Write descriptively. If I am writing a kill scene I would illustrate every detail.
        But that is just me and maybe your story is rather is no nonsense so it may not work if its elaborate.


  2. Having read parts 1 and 2 I have to say I’m not sure where you’re going with this story. For me far too much has happened far too quickly, unless that’s the plan and you’re going to backfill a lot of the action you’ve left unexplained.
    Let me give you an example. The first murder, her date for the prom; you don’t tell us what the problem between them was and I find it unconvincing that his family would accept he had run away and left just a forged note. There’s a tale to be told there.
    The same can be said of most other parts of the story. The asylum, the housekeeper, the Oscar winning film, the brother, the African trip and now her leading man. There’s enough just in those two parts to write a novel!
    It is also unrealistic that the authorities are not on to Miranda; the police are not mentioned once with all these killings. There’s the opportunity of a parallel story here, of some detective hunting her down.
    My advice is to expand on what you have, tell a fuller story and pull the reader into Miranda’s personality.
    It’s a minor thing, but you need to proof read your work, or get someone to help, there are a few typos and grammar glitches.
    Look forward to hearing more.


  3. Your body count is a choppy thing. Give her time to carry out get full plan. She may be psychopath but you want her to control things. The flight of to Africa and adopting a kid is rushed. . Not a bad idea to usr, just let her breath between killing and bringing kid home. You have a really good story going, just keep it on the tracks


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